All About Progessence Plus--What, Why, & How

Progessence Plus

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When recommending natural products to increase a client’s progesterone levels, there is never a single product that will work for everyone. Some women need more supplementation and need it cycled, while others need just a tad of daily supplementation to help them along.

For those who need daily progesterone supplemented to help with PMS or other menstrual symptoms, hot flashes, insomnia, difficulty conceiving, or other things related to hormone imbalance, Young Living’s Progessence Plus may be a good choice.

It is especially good for teenagers suffering from symptoms of hormone imbalance like acne and irregular periods.

Progessence Plus contains USP progesterone along with therapeutic essential oils that support hormone balance. Because Progessence Plus is a serum and not a cream, it is absorbed into the bloodstream better than progesterone creams that often end up staying in the fatty layer below skin before getting into the bloodstream. Because of it's bioavailability, it works well with much less progesterone than creams.

Progessence Plus contains approximately 1 to 2 mg of USP progesterone per drop, so a good starting dosage is to use 1 or 2 drops twice daily. Unlike progesterone creams that contain 20-40 mg, Progessence Plus does not need to be cycled and is best when used daily. Keep in mind that it is most beneficial for those who stay consistent with using it daily. 

For clients with more severe hormone imbalance, this amount may not be sufficient and they may need to use more. Use what your body needs! Rotate the application site and experiment with using different times of day to see what works best for your body.

ere are some of the things people have reported back to me about it:

 I used Progessence Plus and raised my progesterone level from a 1 to 19 in 6mo. I also got pregnant 4 months into using it! I used Progessence Plus and raised my progesterone level from a 1 to 19 in 6mo. I also got pregnant 4 months into using it!


 I gave my friend Progessence Plus and she was amazed at how quickly she got pregnant. I don’t remember the timeline, but I didn’t realize she & her husband had been trying and now they have a healthy 6 month old! She had been very regular & had been getting lots of ovarian cysts, but once she started using Progessence Plus, she didn’t have any cysts and she had a healthy pregnancy!


I use Progessence Plus. No more period cramps after using it consistently for 2 months. I also gave some to a lady suffering from hot flashes and not sleeping. Both of those resolved after a coupled days as well. Good stuff!


After two miscarriages, I decided to give this a try since our finances were limited, but we do invest in essential oils already. I bought a bottle, and the day I got it, I started using it. Two days after that, I took a positive pregnancy test. Of course I was worried because of my previous miscarriages, but we told the Lord that no matter what happens, we would be grateful for each moment, and give Him the glory.I continued using this product every twelve hours over my upper ankle (that is the pressure point for the uterus). I am happy to say that I am currently 17 weeks pregnant, and we just found out on Thursday that we are having a little girl! Doctor says my progesterone levels as well as everything else look perfect!!! Which is amazing, because progesterone levels have always been an issuer for me.


After a miscarriage at 8 weeks, I found I was pregnant again and so this time I decided to use bio-identical progesterone. I first used a different brand (Beeyoutiful’s Beeyoutiful Balance) but when I tried to go off of it at 12 weeks as instructed, I spotted for the entire week. Afraid of miscarrying again, I then began to use Progessence plus from 12 weeks to 16 weeks and was able to safely come off of it. My rainbow baby is now 6 months!


Due to the profound benefits customers experience from Progessence Plus, it is quite frequently out of stock. I try to keep one bottle of it in my essential oils stock at all times, so you can message me to see if I have one available.

Keep in mind that it is also essential to detoxify the body of excess estrogen, since too much estrogen will keep progesterone from increasing as needed. 

Many women will experience a hormone awakening so-to-speak when starting Progessence Plus. While this may seem like an unwanted effect, it is actually a sign that the body NEEDS it! This can often be remedied by simply increasing dosage to give the body what it wants!