Hi! I'm Sara.

I'm 40 years old. The Lord blessed me and my handsome husband with six absolutely awesome kids that we homeschool. And as of October 2014, we are homesteaders. We have dairy goats, chickens and ducks (for eggs), a large vegetable garden (Back-to-Eden style), and we raise turkeys for meat. We have not eaten fast food in 11 years, unless you count Chipotle! That’s just a part of our crazy journey.

Our Story

We noticed behavioral problems with our second son when he was very young. He would have episodes of uncontrollable emotional glitches. It was worse than your average toddler tantrums; there was a blank look in his eyes as though no one was home and as quickly as it came, it went. At the time, we were living and eating like everyone else.

Being the pro-active, knowledge-seeking woman that I am, I worked hard to get to the source of that change. My research led us to cut out artificial colors from our diet.

With that success, I was motivated to discover more.  (As one expert says, “You can’t unlearn what you learn.”)  As I read and learned more, I opened my heart to the connection between the Standard American Diet and the common health problems in our country. Our family had experienced and dealt with multiple health problems, including ADHD, depression, ovarian cysts, kidney problems, constant ear infections, allergies, preterm labor, preeclampsia, vaccine-induced damage, and more. Years of research and studying has given me the answers as to why these things happened to us, and why the answer was not found in a prescription drug.

My starting point was a book I casually picked up at our church library: What the Bible Says About Eating Healthy, by Dr. Rex Russell. I was armed with the knowledge to go against the mainstream diet and feed my children the fuel that their bodies were designed to have. Not only did we start feeling better, but we started seeing more of the beauty and wonder in God’s amazing creation.

At the same time, God supernaturally placed new friends into our lives that opened our eyes even more. They motivated me to learn the truth about vaccines, fluoride, pasteurized milk, and more.  That friendship, and many since, has taught me that the Lord uses others to help us gain more wisdom. Sometimes, He will send them just in time to protect us from tragic consequences. We just have to be open to learning new things about the practices of our modern-day society, or God’s efforts to prevent that tragedy will have been lost from our pride.

Today, I am very passionate about helping other families take off their “American glasses” and see things for the way they really are.  And not just with our food supply.  Stepping back and working to see things differently has helped our family continue to see more things around us from a heavenly perspective.


In 2010, I started as a C.N.C. (Certified Nutrition Consultant). After realizing that many people needed much more in-depth help than just changing their diet, I studied as a Naturopath from Trinity School of Natural Health.

I was a nutrition counselor for a local birth center offering conception and prenatal nutrition counseling to patients there. Additionally, chiropractors from around the country refer their patients to me. 

I have clients both locally and online, from all over the world (Australia to Canada!).

I have also worked with a restaurant developer in Australia to formulate a healthy menu and ingredients list.

Currently, I am the leader of a team of around 4,500 members from around the world in my Oily Friends Team. As the leader, I focus on continuing education and empowerment through weekly private trainings for team members as well as health challenges, group cleanses, and more.


At this time, my services are limited to members of my Oily Friends team. To become a team member, click here.

Be sure to check out the inspiring testimonials from my clients for extra motivation in getting healthy.

Blessings of good health from my family to yours,

Sara Jo Poff