In my years of research and experience with clients, as well as my experience as a mom of six kids, I've seen orthomolecular (high-dose vitamin) therapy work like almost nothing else. This is why you'll commonly hear me say to use "high-dose C" for things like:

  • Allergies

  • Asthma

  • Respiratory issues

  • Cancer

  • Infections (urinary, bladder, strep, sinus, respiratory, etc.)

  • Inflammation

  • Wounds (to prevent infection/tetanus)

  • Chicken pox

  • Colds, flu, and anything viral

  • Lyme

  • Adrenal fatigue

  • High histamines

And so many other things! There is a wealth of research to support the orthomolecular use of Vitamin C for these things but this post is instructions on how to do the high-dose C therapy so that's what we'll focus on here.

You can click on this link here for "Why I'm not a purist" to see some of the research to back up the use of isolated Vitamin C. Whole food-based Vitamin C will not be effective in this type of therapy.

You can also click here to peruse the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine for studies and information on high-dose Vitamin therapy.

It is important to note the following for utilizing high-dose Vitamin C therapy:

  • It will not interact with any medications.

  • It is safe during pregnancy but it is important to taper down gradually to maintenance doses before birth (and resume high-doses if needed after delivery). (Click here to read about the safety of high-dose C during pregnancy.)

  • It is safe for infants but only if a pure isolated ascorbic acid is used that contains no other ingredients whatsoever.

  • An isolated Vitamin C powder (ascorbic acid or sodium ascorbate) must be used. A supplement with other ingredients cannot be used for high-dose C therapy.

  • Sodium ascorbate is buffered so a good option for those with a sensitive stomach; otherwise generally ascorbic acid is best and tolerated well by most people.

  • If doing high dose C or high maintenance doses indefinitely, I recommend ascorbic acid over sodium ascorbate to prevent the possibility of sodium levels getting too high.

  • High-dose Vitamin C does not cause kidney stones. It actually can help dissolve them. Click here for more info.

  • Vitamin C should never be abruptly stopped after high-dose therapy. Taper down to maintenance dose gradually.

  • Maintenance dose is generally 60mg/kg/day but is often slightly higher for those with recurring issues (like asthma, recurring infections, allergies, etc.)

  • For chronic issues like asthma, it is crucial that high-doses are used for flare-ups and that high maintenance doses (generally at least 60mg/kg/day) are utilized indefinitely to help reduce or eliminate the possibility of flare-ups/attacks.


The following is the general dosage amounts for high-dose Vitamin C therapy. Keep in mind that this a general guideline and that the goal, especially in the case of infections, asthma attacks, etc., is to reach bowel tolerance. Bowel tolerance is one dosage less than the amount that causes loose bowels as this means the body's tissues are truly saturated. 

Doses of Vitamin C are given hourly due to how short-lived it is in the body. The body uses up Vitamin C extremely fast in times of sickness and stress (physiological as well as mental). Also, giving too much at once can cause loose bowels as well without actually saturating the body. 

A Therapeutic Level of Vitamin C Supplementation as Employed by F .R. Klenner, M.D. (from "The Significance of High Daily Intake of Ascorbic Acid in Preventive Medicine," p. 51-59, Physician's Handbook on Orthomolecular Medicine, Third Edition, Roger Williams, PhD, ed.)

A Working Summation of Dr. Klenner's Formula:
350 mg Vitamin C per kg body weight per day (350 mg./kg./day)

 mg. of Vitamin "C"     Body Weight                            Number of Doses                                Amt. per dose

35,000 mg.                          220 lbs.                                            17-18                                                     2,000 mg

18,000 mg                            110 lbs.                                              18                                                           1,000 mg.

9,000 mg.                             55 lbs.                                               18                                                            500 mg.

4,500 mg.                             28 lbs.                                               9                                                              500 mg.

2,300 mg.                            14-15 lbs.                                           9                                                              250 mg.

1,200 mg.                             7-8 lbs.                                              9                                                          130 - 135 mg.

Click here to read the full dosage instructions.

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It is our hope and prayer that you find this information helpful. Thank you for helping support HFFG's mission to empower people with natural health information. 

Blessings of good health,

~Sara Jo Poff

Natural Health Practitioner

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