The Best Way To Help Those With ALS

ALS, aka Lou Gehrig's disease, has become a popular cause to promote lately. And for good reason. Any disease that can cause such horrible health problems, especially so quickly, and then death is worthy of receiving attention.  But most of what our society does on this health issue is not helping.

To begin, there are a few problems with donating money to ALS "research."

For starters, only a very small percentage of the money goes towards "research."

Approximately 27% goes towards the research. The rest goes towards the salaries of of ALSA employees and fundraising. (

So I guess with all this money being donated recently, we're likely to see a whole lot more advertising for ALS in the near future. Americans just paid for more commercials.

And even more importantly, ALS research uses embryonic stem cells (embryonic--teeny tiny babies). 

 "The ALS Association reported that that last year they gave $500,000 to Northeast ALS Consortium (NEALS), the largest association of ALS clinical researchers in the world. Likely, the ALS Association will give more to NEALS this year with the popularity of the Ice Bucket Challenge.

NEALS helps run clinical trials for ALS. On their website, they say that a “NEALS-affliated” trial is one where the “sponsor of the trial has contracted NEALS Coordinating Centers to help conduct the trial. A sponsor may contract NEALS to manage an entire trial or just a portion of the work.”

I found a NEALS-affliated active trial on their website that clearly states it uses stem cells that originated from an electively aborted fetus. The trial is being funded by NeuralStem Inc. and the description states:

These stem cells have been engineered from the spinal cord of a single fetus electively aborted after eight weeks of gestation. The tissue was obtained with the mother’s consent.

Of course the fetus, from whom the “tissue” was taken, did not “give consent.”

So if you give to the ALS Association your money may end up supporting clinical trials that use aborted fetal cells." 


And finally, if you have read my post on Cancer: The Truth You Are NOT Being Told, you may have begun to understand how money for "research" is really a big lie. Pharmaceutical companies are a multi-billion dollar enterprise that profit off of chemical, man-made drugs. None of their research will ever find a cure because they do not look at the CAUSE. They are only looking for a patentable concoction for which they can charge exorbitant amounts of money. Natural cures were hidden and research money has been collected for many decades and yet we are still no better off than we were before. In fact, we are actually worse off because rates of cancer are rising!

The same is true for the "research" being done to find a "cure" for ALS. And all other deadly illnesses. 

And as Forbes says, it's not really something that Big Pharma wants to pursue:

But ALS is technically an “orphan disease” — it afflicts about 30,000 Americans, or about 2 in 100,000 people. That means there’s little incentive for pharmaceutical companies to pour billions into R&D and pursue the market.


So in a nutshell, we've got this tiny amount of everyone's donations going towards research that kills sweet little babies, cushions the wallets of high-up pharmaceutical executives, and has no intention of getting to the root of what's causing this illness.

I think it's time to rethink this entirely. Especially if we want to really help those who are suffering from ALS. It is my deepest desire for people to have the health information they need to be well, and I am confident we can offer helpful information to ALS patients RIGHT. NOW. Not 10 years and $10 million later.

So what can we do to help those with ALS? 

First off and most importantly, we can pay for someone with ALS or symptoms of ALS to get tests that will actually help determine what's causing their symptoms. The term ALS really only gives us a description of symptoms; it does not tell us what's causing those symptoms.

There is a strong connection between Lyme Disease, heavy metals, and ALS.

For example, a study found that 9 out of 10 ALS patients are infected with Lyme bacteria. (Click for link to study info.)

One of the foremost leading doctors for Lyme Disease, Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, provides ample research and information regarding the link between Lyme infection and heavy metal toxicity. Mercury is the most common of toxic substances which are documented to accumulate through chronic exposure in the neurons affected by ALS and which have been documented to cause all of the conditions and symptoms seen in ALS.

An inexpensive hair mineral analysis would also be necessary to test the levels of heavy metals in their body. If it comes back high in mercury and/or lead (or other heavy metals) which it does often for ALS patients, heavy metal detox is an inexpensive treatment option! 

This link has more information about testing for heavy metals such as mercury for those with ALS:

Some of the main contributing sources for mercury toxicity include dental amalgam fillings, vaccines, and fish. Are any of these a factor for the person you know with ALS? Do they have a mouth full of silver fillings?

Also, it's important to check for other risk factors such as a root canal (which is linked to autoimmune illness), exposure to chemical agricultural pesticides/fertilizers, consumption of MSG-containing foods and foods/drinks with aspartame (which are neurotoxins). 

Please take the time to google Dr. Klinghardt's research on Lyme disease and heavy metals, the link and other information regarding Lyme infection and ALS symptoms, and mercury toxicity.  This information is meant to be a starting point for those who want the truth about ALS and want to really get to the bottom of it.

As always, the only way to good health is to GET TO THE ROOT!! Finding the cause is the cure! It is my hope and prayer that this information will be considered so that we can see our loved ones recover from this devastating illness. 

Please share this information.

Blessings of good health,

~Sara Jo Poff