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You are not here by accident. I believe God led you to my little corner of the web for a reason; through Him, I will help you take charge of your health and provide Biblical encouragement along the way. 



I'm a natural health practitioner, entrepreneur, and Young Living leader. I provide highly-researched, top-quality natural health resources and products for sale to help you and your loved ones along your natural health journey.

My mission is to empower you and your family to be healthy and feel great so you can do the work God has for you. Read more about me, my family, and my journey here



It is my passion to teach people about the things God has given us for our health and how to use them to be good stewards of our body, His temple. I have clients from all over the world and I delight in showing them how a combination of nutrition and essential oils directly impacts their health and their lives. 


"I have changed my life from listening to Sara and her wise knowledge of food. I feel absolutely amazing eating healthy and not craving the garbage I used to eat!"


"Thank you Sara. You are amazing and I am grateful for your hard work. The wealth of the information you provided and the spiritual encouragement are a real help for me and my family. You are a blessing!"


"I have been learning SO much just by following your posts. Thank you for helping me see the other God-designed options available for our God-designed bodies!!"

Read more inspiring testimonials on how the information and coaching I provide has changed my clients' lives.



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