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Essential Oils for Better Health

Pure essential oils don't just smell good. There are scientifically-proven natural processes in the body that happen the moment a plant oil is inhaled, applied, or ingested. This is an incredibly profound way to support one's health and wellness. But there are some important things to know before starting. This class will teach the biological mechanisms in the body from essential oils, how to use essential oils to really enhance physical as well as mental health, and the things to know before getting started.

When Weight Loss is Tough

Most people know that a healthier weight would give them better overall health but find that getting to that healthier weight is such a struggle. Natural Health Practitioner Sara Jo Poff has helped many people address the missing factors in weight gain to help them achieve their weight goals. People are incredibly surprised to discover these missing factors and feel more empowered to work towards their weight loss goals.

Raising Healthy Kids

We've come to accept constant runny noses, frequent illnesses, and even chronic illnesses in children nowadays. But it doesn't have to be that way. Natural Health Practitioner Sara Jo Poff shares a few simple tips on how her family got out of the vicious cycle of frequent illness to being practically invincible, even during flu season!
(Topic of vaccines optional for this class and up to the host.)

Navigating the World of Nutritional Supplements

The world of nutritional supplements can be so confusing. There's a lot of contradictory information out there, and many people don't see any results from taking supplements purchased at the store. But there is no doubt that the need for extra nutritional support exists. In this class, we'll talk about some of the most important supplements for better health and how to ensure that you are actually getting what you pay for.

What the Bible Says About Essential Oils

Sometimes it is said that essential oils and aromatherapy are a “hippy thing.” The truth is that plant oils were given to us by God for our physical, emotional and spiritual health. More than any other therapeutic substance mentioned in Scripture, aromatic plants appear over 1,000 times throughout the Bible. 70% of the books of the Bible, mention plant oils, their uses and/or the plants from which they are derived. Plant oils were a part of everyday life for prophets, kings, queens, the disciples and even the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. They are not “snake oils” or a “hippy thing.” They are a gift from God for our spiritual, emotional, and physical health. This class goes into the many Biblical references to plant oils and how they can improve our lives.

Naturally Healthy Pets

Our four-legged friends are near and dear to us and we want to keep them as healthy as possible. Many of us have had experiences with unnatural ways of raising our furry friends and found them to be lacking or even have harmed our pets. In this class, we'll cover the most important ways to keep your furry friends healthy and happy. These tips reduce vet bills, virtually eliminate shedding and stink, and provide a much better quality of life for people and their pets.

Work at Home Success

Living healthy is nearly impossible when budget is tight and time is restricted by work schedules. Sometimes family time suffers while living paycheck to paycheck. Whether it's to increase your healthy grocery budget, your natural health supplement budget, gain time freedom, pay off debt, get out of the rat race, or simply supplement your family's current income, Sara Jo Poff wants to help you do that. Rather than giving someone fish to feed them, Sara's passion is to teach people how to fish. In this class, learn what it truly takes to have an income working from home and some things to consider before jumping into just any random business.

Nutritional Support for Spinal Health (for chiropractors' offices)

When we give our body the right things, we can get more out of our chiropractic adjustment. There are a few things everyone can do to promote better spinal health, more relaxed muscles, and healthy collagen. Come and learn what they are and how to implement them to benefit your spinal health.

Fees vary based on location. For Minnesota classes, class fee will include a mileage fee. For out-of-state classes, class fee will include airfare, rental car, and lodging. Please use the contact form below to inquire about inviting Sara Jo Poff to teach at your event.


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