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Detox Your Makeup Facebook Class


You’ve cleaned up your diet, banned harsh cleaning products from your arsenal, and even traded your synthetic products for organic skin care. You’re on the path to natural bliss, but there’s just one area left to tackle…


Swapping your regular makeup products for natural versions can seem like the scariest step in the transition. You found mascara that takes your eyelashes to new heights, a lipstick that makes your pout pop, and a foundation that makes your skin look like it traveled back in time. Why would you give those things up?

Under current law, the FDA doesn’t require cosmetics companies to conduct safety assessments on their products. Harmful ingredients can be easily masked under confusing or deceptive titles like “fragrance.” They may even be listed, plain and simple, on the label, but with no messages to inform consumers of their potentially harmful effects. 

Arsenic and lead are found in everyday makeup, especially those marketed to young girls. And even asbestos! 😳Mercury is found in lipstick and mascara.

Babies absorb these chemicals in cuddles and kisses as well as through breastmilk.

Even just the base of these foundations can block the skin from breathing, contributing to acne.

If makeup is a part of your daily routine, it’s vital to think about what you’re putting on your skin. Your pores absorb what you put on them—they don’t know any better! That lipstick on your teeth? You ate that.

Join us for this free Facebook class to learn about why we need to detox our makeup and how! This class will be informational posts that are posted every few minutes during the class. These posts will be available anytime afterwards for those who can't make it live or want to refer back to the information after class.

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