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Why Young Living? FB Class


Why Young Living?!

As a trusted natural health practitioner, I knew that if I was ever going to use essential oils, I had to be sure that the ones I used were ones I felt comfortable recommending to others. I hesitated for years because I didn't want to be responsible for essential oils causing horrible reactions due to the undesirable chemicals in them. I take the privilege of having the trust of so many people very seriously. And being a research-driven personality, I had to dig deep and get all the facts before I would feel comfortable proceeding.

What I found was more than I realized I would ever find.

In 30 minutes, I'm going to summarize my last five+ years of research into essential oils companies. I've personally talked to scientists who work in essential oils labs and who have gone out to the jungles in search of the world's best sources of essential oils. I've followed their journeys through the deserts and listened in awe as they told about the dangerous things that are in some essential oils. I've received emails of reactions as well as miracles with essential oils from thousands of people over the years.

I can't wait to share this journey with you in this LIVE Facebook video! The replay will be available afterwards but I'd love to have you join me LIVE, especially if you have questions that I can answer!